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Starting October 1st, 2024:
Community First Services and Supports (CFSS) & Consultation Services

MRCI is hosting another series of webinars with updated information on CFSS & Consultation Services to prepare for the upcoming transition. Click below to register, or view our CFSS webpage for more information. 


直接支持學院(直接課程)和MN DHS培訓。

查看MRCI CDS中的最新動態,並閱讀我們的新聞通訊。


Current MRCI participants, representatives, and caregivers:
Enter to win the 4th annual Summer Ticket Giveaway!

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“我對CDCS感到非常緊張,因為這似乎是一項艱鉅的任務。從一開始就與MRCI合作,一切都非常順利,如此順利……我從來不需要等待超過24小時就能收到來自MRCI CDS。每當我打來電話或發送電子郵件時,您都會非常有幫助。”

Rachel-明尼蘇達州諾斯菲爾德-MRCI CDS家庭成員

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