Electronic Visit Verification

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do we need to switch to EVV; does everyone need to switch?

The 21st Century Cures Act mandates that all states implement Electronic Visit Verifica􀆟on (EVV) for personal care assistance services and community first services and supports. In Minnesota all personal care services must using EVV by Dec. 1, 2021 (this includes some home and community-based waiver services such as CDCS and CSG). There are no exceptions for EVV compliance.

Who is MRCI’s EVV Vendor?

MRCI has partnered with Cashé So􀀃ware for the EVV system. Cashé has been a so􀀃ware provider in Minnesota for over 15 years, servicing over 375 providers of Home and Community Based Services.

What if clients/staff do not have an Android or Apple phone? How will they clock in/out going forward?

MRCI has worked with Cashé to provide several op􀀁ons to access EVV: • Smartphone
• Tablet
• Computer/Laptop If the above op􀀁ons are not available to clients, client reps, and/or employees, MRCI program staff can provide informa􀀁on to help obtain a device, such as applying for a free or low-cost phone through Assurance Wireless. MRCI will con􀀁nue to work with Cashé to offer as many op􀀁ons as possible

What if a client does not have internet or cell phone service?

MRCI is awaiting guidance from MN DHS on alternatives for when internet or cell phone services are not available. We will update our clients and families when this information is available.

How will we train our clients and their employees?

We will offer detailed instruction manuals and videos on our website to help our clients and their employees get set up. Program Staff will also be providing live-training to help with setting up the application, and troubleshooting.

What does EVV track?

According to the 21st Century Cures Act, electronic visit verification must verify, at a minimum, six data elements related to the service: • Type of service performed
• Who received the service
• Date of service
• Location of service delivery (GPS)
• Who provided the service
• When the service begins and ends

Does EVV continuously track user’s locations?

The EVV system will ONLY track the locations (GPS) of each clock-in/clock out.

Will staff have to clock in and out every time?

Yes, staff will need to clock in at the beginning and clock out at the end of each shift. This will be the method of tracking hours worked to be paid every other week by MRCI.

What if a punch is missed or is wrong?

MRCI will provide EVV system-specific training on correcting and adding punches.

Will the EVV system be available in other languages?

All EVV systems will need to be available in multiple languages. MRCI is working with Cashé to ensure there is an option for all PCAs or Direct Care Workers, and our clients.